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Kekule's manufacturing operations are designed to allow low cost production of wide variety of products in different quantities, sizes and packaging while maintaining a high level of customer service and quality. Flexible production line changeover capabilities and fast cycle times allow us to respond quickly to changes in manufacturing schedules. Our ability to design and fabricate machinery in-house for product changes and different product mixes have given us an edge over others in terms of reduced development time and costs.

Processes are developed following the US and European pharmacopeial standards. All our operations are carried out using validated systems and standard operating procedures. Synthesis route selection, process development and validation studies are carried out in our labs with capacities ranging from milligram to kilograms. Pilot plants are equipped for engineering, quality and commercial scale-up studies. Commercial production is carried out in our state of the art production facilities. Our QA team is involved in every step of the process to ensure that the current GMP standards are met.

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